Visiting Chicago During a Polar Vortex

We booked our trip to Chicago quite well in advance and it just so happened to be that we ended up flying in at the height of Chicago’s Polar Vortex; when the city had hit its all time record low of -30°C!

Still managed to get quite a bit of exploration in this insane winter weather though! Highlights include: visiting the Chicago Architecture Centre, Millennium Park’s Cloud Gate, watching Hamilton, dining at Alinea (our first Michelin star experience ever!), trying out Chicago’s famous deep dish pizza (both at Google’s top 2 highest rated: Lou Malnati’s and Giordano’s) and having delicious ramen at Strings Ramen Shop (Chicago’s No.1 Ramen Restaurant)!

Hope you guys enjoy this mini travel vloggy guide of Chicago! I know it’s a bit of a food and pretty buildings tour ahahhaa XD

(Note: we stayed for a total of 4 nights 5 days)


  1. yumm the food and architecture looked so amazing – the perfect combo but gosh those pizza’s are huge!
    gotta go, hungry now!

  2. Aww Great was your so called freezing experience during this Polar vortex time ? Food looks so Delicious ))

    • Dixon Varghese thank you! We didn’t do much on the first day and just stayed indoors because it was really dangerously cold to go outside! The rest of our trip got warmer as days went on. I loved Chicago! And we had a really chillaxed fun time there 🙂

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