Trip Report- Is American Airlines that bad – Dallas(DFW) to Chicago(ORD) via Bentonville(XNA) E-175

Happy New Year to you all! This is my 3rd flight report of American Airlines from Dallas Fort Worth to Chicago O Hare via Bentonville, Arkansas(XNA) on the Embraer 175.

Date of travel – January 1, 2019
Airline – American Airlines
Aircraft – Embraer E175
Departure – Dallas Fort Worth(DFW) 08:40 AM CDT
Arrived at XNA: Around 09:50 AM CDT
Flight time: 1 hour 24 minutes
Aircraft registration on first route – N269NN (Delivered January 2019)
Departure from XNA: 10:55 AM CDT
Arrival at ORD: 12:45 PM CDT
Flight time: 1 hour 45 minutes
Aircraft registration for XNA to ORD: N248NN (Delivered February 2017)

Please accept my apology for not filming the food and drinks service on the XNA to ORD leg as I took a short nap. Also I’m sorry if all the parts of this report done appear full screen if you try to make it full screen. I will take your advice and use it to improve in the future. Thank you and hope you all have a great year and decade ahead. Cheers!


  1. A nice and detailed report and to be honest I’ve been trying to say this for sometime now so I guess i should now that Your probably the first American I have heard speaking in british accent so well 😄

    Greatly Done brouh !!
    Fully enjoyed it

    • @Jay Deshpande Hmm that would be great for they have had a tarnished reputation cause of their crew

    • The Flight Reporter cheers for your support. There will be another one coming as I’m flying back to Dallas on a United A320. The main thing I’ll be observing is if the cabin crew are good quality as that’s something UA have been under scrutiny for a while

    • The Flight Reporter I’ve also stayed in the UK for a sizable time so I guess I’ve adopted the accent.

    • The Flight Reporter I have part of my family that’s British and majority from India. I guess I’m from 3 countries 😂

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