Study in Australia vs USA: Which country to choose? For International Students Studying in Australia

You will learn about studying abroad in AUSTRALIA vs USA.
Which country to choose?
This is for International Students wanting to study overseas and to study in Australia (which is the best country to study abroad actually).
You are probably asking “where should I study abroad?”.
Here are some things to consider before choosing a country.
The video explains how the USA has the reputation of being the best country to study in.
But in the last 4 years popularity has gone down.
Enrollments are down.
The video shows a graph by the Migration Policy Institute.
And a graph from Opendoors to prove the decline.
Why the decline?
Maybe the Anti-immigrant attitudes in the US .
Perhaps, changes in US policy following the 2016 election.
It could be the tougher standards for educational visas.
Or, reducing the number of F1 Student Visas granted.
The video goes on to explain that there is a trend to study in Canada and Australian universities now.
One of the best reasons is that Australia extended the post graduate work visa from 2 years to 3.
This is called the “Additional Temporary Graduate” visa.
Also Australia university rankings are high.
And the education in Australia is world class.
And there is a chance to get permanent residency.
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