*Road Trip to Yellowstone*: North Dakota (Day 1) (6/15/19 Vlogs)

We flew to the our nation capital and slide our way into the hustling and bustling city of Chicago. As we approach summertime we go on a 9 to 10 day journey to an eye opening experience in to a world of unknowns where water squirt out from the under ground and the ground fill with bacteria and thousands or creature roams across the land of the free, I take you on an never seen moments where freedom is everything from the high up mountains to the lowlife plains and a place where vikings nation aren’t welcome. Grab your popcorn and ribs and get ready to be to be amazes of the ever changing landscape of Yellowstone out in the wild wild west.

Also want to give a shoutout to Wilderness Inquiry for this amazing opportunity and the Edison outdoor club for funding this trip. Checkout there link for more information…

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2019 is all about travel

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