Pack with Me || 3-Day Trip to Chicago

안녕하세요! As many of y’all know, I’m heading to Chicago this weekend to see BTS in concert!! I’m more than excited!! But.. I mean… Isn’t every ARMY?! Anyway, today I wanted to give y’all a few packing tips hehe

Packing Cubes:

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  1. This video makes me more excited. I’m packing everything into a book bag and have already tried out how I’m gonna pack. But it was nice seeing someone packing as well. Can’t wait to see your concert videos.
    I’m gonna attend both MetLifes so I’m really excited. ☺️

    • Natalia Garza I’ll send you a picture of the book bag on Instagram. It’s not a tote bag.

      The last video I saw tbh was your Korea vlog with Roy Kim’s concert . But I don’t think I comment on it. I’ve been behind on your videos tbh. Forgive me 😞

    • Brooooo I feel like I haven’t seen you in the comments section in forever!!! LOL anywayyyy a book bag like a tote bag? Wow… goals lol I’m just glad I was able to make everything fit! I feel like I usually bring too many things haha

  2. I sincerely hope you see this message before you leave….Take a sweatshirt or thick hoodie! The stadium is right off the lake and it will get cold once the sun sets. I know it gets cold in Texas, but there’s Texas cold and Great Lakes cold, which is a whole different ball game. Take care and maybe I’ll see you at Soldier Field on Saturday!

    • I was there Saturday. Gosh it was cold aka BTS’ first winter concert xD. I had on three layers and I was still not warm. There were so many armys in shorts or short sleeves.

    • Awww thank you!! I didn’t think about the lake being so close. I was just like, “it’s gunna be cold but not cold enough for me to want to carry around a jacket” 😂 I think I’m just going to buy a BTS hoodie there~ Haha maybe!!

    • Haha I’m paying so much to go that I gotta be more frugal 😂😂 plus it’s just a better deal!

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