My Trip to Chicago: BTS Concert 5/11/19 and Pop Up Shop on 5/10/19 || Travel Vlog (READ DESCRIPTION)

hello beauties~
i just got back from my trip to Chicago which i was there from May 10 through the 12. me, my friend, her mom, and her sister all got on a plane from Lexington to Chicago. i did have trouble at first with the plane ride because i hadn’t been on a plane since i was probably 8 years old. but once i got off i was super excited to get started on my trip in Chicago! we got to the hotel and got ready to go out get some pizza, see the bean, and me and my friend went to the pop up shop to get some BTS merch! we also got concert merch at the concert before we went in. we got to hear them outside the stadium while doing their sound check, and it really hit me and my friend that we were going to see them in a few hours! it was raining while in line waiting to get in but luckily it stopped just in time for the concert! it just stayed very cold throughout the concert. now i didn’t cry during the concert, i did get teary eyed though when Suga came over to our section, but i did cry once we got back from the concert because i really didn’t want it to end as any fan would want. but sSunday came and we needed to go back home unfortunately and go back to reality. but my whole experience there was great and i can’t wait to go back to a BTS concert or to any artist that i look up to! i hope next time i can bring more friends with me because it is so much more fun when you can have more friends around!

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Make it Right:

Suga’s Piano Ver I NEED U:

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