Moving to the USA from Australia (Visa Information for Actors and Others)

General information video about the types of visas available to Australian’s who want to move to the USA


  1. Hi there,
    I’m an Australian Citizen. I would like to work in the USA. Please guide me through. I’m eyeing for E3

    • Why? America is a bad place to go. On the global peace rank they are ranked 121 out of 163 countries Australia is ranked 13 out of 163 countries. So you are basically moving to a third world country.

  2. Hi i had just sent you an email with many, many questions on it regarding moving from australia to USA. Please could you check it out?

    • +Bill Norman Australia has better weather then the US. Sure it can be hot as hell some days down there but in Victoria and New South Wales the weather is cooled down there from May to August. Australia has a better life style then America. Australia has some of the most livable cities. None of the US cities are in the top 10 for being the most livable. Plus they make better pizza then america. The US actually has less job opportunities then Australia. In the top 10 countries with the highest job opportunities Australia ranks 4 while the US ranks 5. So overall Australia is better.

    • You cant even ride a bike on the footpath without being chased down by the police, let alone without a helmet.
      You’re a retard if you cannot accept that Australia is a nanny state.
      Defending yourself and your property is illegal. If someone breaks into your home and you hurt them, you get arrested. Self defense is illegal in Australia. Even using a firearm for intimidation purposes will get you locked up for years.
      You obviously visited Australia for a very short amount of time and know nothing about it’s legal system

    • +OceanBlue Actually in the top ten countries with the most opportunities the USA comes in 5th place while Australia comes in 4th place. That is not true about the worlds best go to the US. They do go to the US but not all of it. The worlds best go all around the world. If people have to get away from something or someone they go to Israel. Yes they did have criminals in Australia back then but that was 250 years ago. Its was the second ever country to allow women to vote.

    • Issac rants on stuff Because Australia is in the middle of nowhere and Australia has very little opportunities compared to the U.S.!… The world’s best go to the U.S. whereas people trying to get away from something or someone go to Australia!… That’s how the British established their Australian colony outpost by sending their criminals there!

    • Issac rants on stuff you doing live here, Australia has no self defence laws, the government tried to take my parents and 200 other people’s 10000 acre properties. We have secret arrests, secret courtrooms, secret police etc. If you get arrested by said police and you tell your family you got arrested that is a criminal offense. Our constitution was designed for convicts and never updated that is why we have no rights.

    • Whats so boring about Australia? i’ve been to Australia and i don’t think it wasn’t boring

  3. I’m moving to LA. No disrespect to Australia, but they government is so corrupt, our country is in debt, there are a bunch of rude people from where I live in (Perth). Even though I like Australia, its just not my country, and I don’t enjoy it as often anymore. I have been interested in moving to America for nearly 6 years. I’m certain that’s the life choice that I want.

    • +VOLA Australia is not a nanny state. Idk why would you say that. Just because guns are banned in the country doesn’t mean its a nanny state. My country the UK have banned guns. Would you call the UK a nanny state? Other countries like Germany New Zealand and Canada all ban guns. Australia also has freedom as well like countries i said before Germany Canada and the UK. Dont move to the US. Good place to vist but bad place to live. Its ranked 121 out of 163 countries of being that safest. Also there is not free health care there. So dont bother moving there.

    • +Charla Ville Lies its not a corrupt country it scores a 79 thats better then the US. The US scores a 74.

    • Also if you want to move to America why move to LA? Here is why you shouldn’t move to LA

      1. The Livability According to Los Angeles ranks a 59 in livability which is not good. Plus Perth is one of the most Livable cities in the world so why downgrade?

      2. The cost of living. LA is one of the most expensive cities in America. For a 660 Square Meter house it cost about £963K pounds or $1.25 M thats insane! most of the houses in LA are shit. Yes they have nice mansions but thats in the 5% Plus people are moving out of LA then moving there. LA’s population might shrink in the next decade. The cost of living scores an F

      3. Crime. The crime in LA also gets an F. About i 127K incidents for every 100k people in LA 3K incidents happen. Most common crime is Theft.

      4. Education. The average test score in LA is 31% I bet your not in School but still if you did grew up in LA instead of Perth. You would be a little dummer because most of the kids there dont care about school. Also it gets an F

      5.Employment Rate. The employment rate gets a D not an F but its still pretty bad. The unemployment rate is a 6.1% The city you live in now Perth is a 3.29% The Poverty rate in LA is 21% that pretty bad. There is about 26K homless people in LA. Thats more homless people then these countries right here Greece, South Korea, Japan, Ireland and Israel.

      Good luck moving to LA there is a chance that you might get robbed and another chance you might become homeless because how expensive it is

    • +Rights And Liberty Well There are way more bad things then good things in america. The Global Peace Index ranks america 121 thats worse then China and Brazil which are rank lower then America. America invades innocent countries like iraq. The invasion was just unnecessary. Plus they don;t use the metric system which is stupid. They call hand egg football. They also Interrupting live sports games with commercials which is very dumb. They also have the most school shootings and most prisons out of any country. That screams a bad country. 1 thing the USA is known for is having guns. Out of 100 people 89 of them have a fire arm. When i was in America there were countless fast food restaurants they are not eating well. Here in the UK we do have fast food restaurants but not as many as america. America also have a lot of racist people i know this because they have a racist group called the KKK. Here is even more reasons why the US sucks

      Bad cities like Detroit and Cleveland
      Has a very bad President. I think trump is doing bad right now
      The only thing people care about is money and sex. Which make sense because most of the rappers in america raps about how they have so much and they have sex .

    • +Dank Issac first of all why would you visit america and go to Boston? And funny as there are two YouTube’s one British and one Australian that can’t say enough good things about America

  4. Awesome video!! I just graduated and was looking at using IEP to obtain a j1 visa but was wondering how long it took you to find employment and if IEP offer support with obtaining a job before you arrive there? I’m worried that it would be hard to find work once I get there.

    Thanks 🙂

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