1. So now that Jacob Hollister is out too, will we promote a tight end from the practice squad to play this game or something?

  2. Definitely seems like he won’t be playing. But we will see what happens. Good thing we have Dwayne Allen as a blocking tight end. And I agree, I want to see the Pats get more involved with Jacob Hollister vs the Bears.

  3. This why he’ll never get a big contract the guy is a monster on the field but he can’t stay healthy if his life depended on it. By far the most injury prone player I’ve ever seen.

  4. Hope michel has another 100+ yard game i think him and white will keep playing lights out that should open the offense maybe Hollister plays?

  5. Bill doing the right thing Sitting Gronk hold him until Green Bay Game in two weeks get Gordon JE11 CHRIS Hollywood Hogan and Dorsett more opportunities Josh Gordon gonna Shine. Sunday

  6. Watch A Dwayne Allen help out on certain situations vs Mack he has a big role conatin the edge and Waddle can hold up his end. My prediction Pats 34 Bears 2 Shout-out to Ray Pats Nation And Sox Nation! The Road VI!

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