College Move in Day Vlog 2019 | Loyola Chicago

Welcome to my college move in day 2019 vlog! I will be starting my Sophomore year at Loyola university Chicago. In this video we travel to chicago, unpack everything and move in. I also buy last minute items and go to a cubs game!
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College move in day vlog.
College Move in Day vlog 2019.
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Loyola University Chicago.


  1. Loved this video your editing is getting better and better! You just enjoy your first day at college tomorrow!

  2. That hanger hit me on the nose! Hooray!!!! The room tour is going to happen. I hope you’re going to introduce us to your roommate, assuming he wants the notoriety. I’m working move in day at Amherst College tomorrow a long but fun day.

  3. I love the Forky plush on the shelf in the outro behind you, where’d you get it cuz I’m looking for something similar but a Mr. PotatoHead and Ken one.

  4. Good job, Good editing, btw I don’t even know why do I like so much watching these College videos while I am still in high school XD

  5. I saw another college move in video recently, and honestly had no idea most people just cram all that stuff into their cars and drive a bazillion hours to college :O Where I live, you either go to a college that’s in the country, and you live at home, or you go all out and move somewhere completely different by plane, there’s like no in between XD but props to you, those are some amazing move in skills!

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