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Chicago, once a small trading post on Lake Michigan, has grown into one of the country’s most famous cities. Visit “The Windy City” and chow down on deep dish pizza for a truly unique vacation experience.

Follow “The Loop,” the city’s primary business district, and marvel at its array of high-rise buildings, consulates, and universities. Shopping and fine dining abound in this area. If you’ve worn yourself out in the city proper, set a more sedate pace at the Riverwalk, a pedestrian path along the Chicago River, or visit the many museums and parks the city has to offer. You’ll never believe you’re actually downtown when you walk through the Garfield Park Conservatory, and the Art Institute of Chicago will allow you to appreciate creative works from around the world.

No Chicago tour is complete without a mention of the nightlife, so close out your day at a jazz lounge and let the sweet sound of music carry you away. Visit our Chicago travel guide and plan your next vacation today.


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  1. But in Chicago no more skyscrapers are built, there is not a single building project that exceed 600 meters,only in China and in the middle east the New Skyscrapers. The city that invented the skyscrapers is dead. Rest in peace skyscrapers and USA.

  2. I think european cities are generally much more attractive than North American cities. I Love cities with a history and old buildings.

    • Like my friend from Florida who was just here a 4th time and he lives it more each time and is even talking about moving here now

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