Our first time in Chicago, IL! We hadnt been in the snow in about 4 years, so when that cold hit us, it was shocking! They werent joking when they called Chicago the windy city either! The wind made it feel so much colder! BUT none the less, it was such a fun trip with beautiful sights everywhere you look! I cant wait to go back, but maybe in the summer next time 😉 lol

As always, thank you so much for watching! I love every single one of you & appreciate you more than you know!

Til next time xoxo

P.S. If anyone knows the name of the group singing at the end of the video, please let me know! So I can link their socials!

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Camera’s & Editing Software:
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-1080pHD at 30fps
∙iPhone 8+
-1080pHD at 30fps
∙Final Cut Pro X (Version 10.2)
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  1. I like the color of your hair. I want to experience snow. I didn’t leave…looking forward to your future videos

  2. So happy you enjoyed my hometown. I like people watching and Lincoln Park Zoo too! I used to frequent there when i lived close to downtown.

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