Chicago, Illinois Travel – Downtown, Cloud Gate & Lincoln Park (Vlog) 🌇

Perfect weather & amazing people! Thank you to the city of Chicago.
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  1. Your son was about to dab!! Bro, your right man, the tank top was not a pretty site haha. Just kidding brother. Dude, you found your niche, this VLOG was exquisite!!! The bean is cool as hell huh? When we closed escrow on the house April 15th out there, we went to the bean on the 16th, it’s so awesome!!! Hope you enjoyed man, I have a few of your videos to catch up on. Man I’ve been busy, busy, busy getting ready for our move. Take care brother of yourself and that beautiful little family!!

    • Demise Media your very welcome brother, anything I can do to help just give a shout ✌️

    • Demise Media definitely some nice areas and I hope you do make it out near Cary soon. The schools are 100% rated better also in the area, and like I’ve mentioned more bang your buck on homes. Hope you’ll be joining us soon out there. Our move starts June 20th!! The wife and kids fly out June 19th. Just had the interior of the house painted out there, man it’s beautiful!! I’m working on a video soon, so stay tuned brother, get some rest and we will talk soon.

    • +Adventures and Bass Fishing With TK Heaven We visited Aurora, Naperville, Northlake, Elmhurst, Downtown Chicago, Lincoln Park, Lincoln Park Zoo. I wanted to check out Schuamburg, Cary, Evanston & a few more places but this area is sooo huge & spread out!

    • +Adventures and Bass Fishing With TK Heaven Aurora has been nice but we did see some older and more run down areas. Thank you so much, i appreciate your help & support. We are checking out later this afternoon (11:00am) then flying back to Cali..

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