Chicago and United Airlines with Travel Blogger & Instagrammer Tara Povey

Chicago and United Airlines with Travel Blogger & Instagrammer Tara Povey. Travel tips Chicago with Where is Tara? Tara gives us her Chicago insider travel tips. Read more on her Chicago travel tips blog.
Tara is one of Ireland’s top travel bloggers. Tara travelling to Chicago with United Airlines in Polaris Business Class and was hosted by Choose Chicago and the Dana Hotel.
Video transcript:
– – How was my flight over on the Polaris Business Class with United? It was amazing. My favorite part was probably the fact that the seats fully recline so it’s like a flat bed. It just made such a difference for comfort and I felt more refreshed at the end of the flight and also the dessert trolley, I’ve never seen a dessert trolley on a flight ever and I don’t think it’s common practice so it was full trolley layered with loads of different desserts and you get to choose and there’s a sundae station and they’re like pouring the stuff on and make you a sundae depending on what sort of toppings you want so yeah, it was very unique. So there’s a new United Polaris lounge in the Chicago O’Hare Airport and that’s just stunning, the design is beautiful and there’s all sorts of wonderful food and it just makes the difference like it makes you feel more relaxed before your flight. First time in Chicago actually. Yeah, and I was just majorly impressed with the city. I mean, I’ve heard great things before but I didn’t really know what it was about the city but it’s just, it’s magical I think. There’s so much about it to love. It’s super pedestrian friendly, all the people are just incredibly welcoming and there’s so much to do here, you know, you’ve got skyscrapers, you’ve got beach, you’ve got like a giant fresh water lake that feels like the sea, you can go out on boats, I mean, deep dish pizza, there’s just so much. I loved the Wicker Park Farmer’s Market actually, that sort of neighborhood was really funky and a bit different, there’s loads of like boutique shops and street art so it’s really colorful, it felt a bit more like authentic local Chicago. And then I also loved the Gospel Brunch because it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen in my life. We just don’t have anything like that in Ireland so it was really unique experience, it was very lively. We stayed in the Dana Hotel which is sort of modern, funky hotel, right in the heart of everything. Minute’s walk from like breakfast, shops, everything you need, all the main landmarks. Yeah, and it was great, all the staff are friendly. There’s a really good restaurant downstairs, there’s an amazing rooftop bar with great views over the city, so yeah, it was just perfect location, would definitely recommend it. My room was yeah, my room was pretty big actually. Especially for like a main city in America, the room was really big, it’s not like tiny sort of rooms you get in London, but yeah, giant windows, great views over the sort of cityscape and yeah, lovely modern shower, bathroom, yeah, and oh, there’s a great coffee machine as well. Lou Malnati’s just for the pizza. You’ve got to go traditional and Chicago pizza is kind of what you have to have when you’re in Chicago so Lou Malnati’s was the best place to try it. I’m a baseball fan now, after watching the Cubs versus the Reds? I think that was what I saw. But yeah, it was, it’s a really fun game. More so for the atmosphere, like even if you don’t understand the game, it’s great just to go and get the vibe of the crowd and just experience something that’s very American and that we would never have at home, so yeah, it was great.

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