A Chaotic Trip to Chicago | 2019

It’s a city that’s exciting, it’s a city that’s inviting, it’s a city for a woman just like meeee! Chicagooooooo, Chicagoooooo!

I hope you guys enjoyed this very chaotic vlog, it was quite an eventful trip! It was my first time ever visiting Chicago so I was very excited.

Stay tuned for a bunch of new videos coming to my channel! We have an eventful month coming up!

Make sure you watch until the end for a recording of a song my friends and I sang in a stairwell! It’s beautiful 🙂

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Songs used in this video
Love Mode – Joakim Karud
Hard Times – Paramore

How old are you? – 18 (when this video was posted)
What grade are you in? – 12th / senior in high school
Where are you going to college? – Arizona State University
What camera do you use? – Canon 70D or iPhone Xs

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  1. As someone from Chicago I definitely approved of this video tons haha, you went to all the right places!!

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