Journey Paper Plane – Chicago

A glimpse of a short visit to Chicago.
The first 8 days was a solo adventure then I had a 2 days event (SMS 2018) towards the end of Chicago trip. I joined along with a few friends of mine from Ireland.

Days went by fast. A great city, a lot to explore in Downtown Chicago. Chicago-style pizza – also known as deep-dish pizza. A next level pizza eating experience. It’s small and heavy. I recommend it to people. Like, if you are in Chicago, you must try the deep – dish pizza.

You might be wondering, why I named this journey paper plane. Usually, there isn’t much of a reason I gave. Sometimes, I just name it random words, like whatever it comes to my head when I am sitting at the gate of the departure.

This video is a mash-up of all the little bits of my experience during this journey.

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